Courses Taught at Troy University

  • POL 2241 American National Government
    • A study of the Constitution, federalism, the Presidency, Congress, the courts, and politics on the national level
  • POL 4421 Introduction to Public Administration
    • An introduction to the historical, institutional, and political context of the profession; current trends and issues; and the role of public administration in the larger governmental system.
  • POL 4451 Pubic Personnel Administration
    • A survey of the basic principles and functions of personnel administration in the public service and of the current strategies for managing recruitment, placement, salary and benefit strategies, training, retirement, and other personnel functions.
  • PA 6622 Public Policy
    • An overview of the theoretical orientations underlying the public policy process and the conceptual framework for differentiating types of public policies. Students examine current issues and policies from various theoretical and practical perspectives.
  • PA 6624 Public Human Resources Management
    • A survey of the basic principles, functions, and constitutional issues involved with managing public employees. Specific functions addressed include planning, job analysis, position classification, recruitment and selection, staffing, performance management and appraisal, labor-management relations, training, and other personnel functions.
  • PA 6647 Advanced Contract Management
    • An examination of the current processes, procedures, standards, issues and problems in planning, managing, auditing, and evaluating contract performance.
  • PA 6650 Government Budgeting and Financial Management
    • A survey of concepts, principles, processes, and practices in governmental budgeting at national, state, and local levels and the interrelationships of planning, programming, and budgeting strategies
  • PA 6665 Leadership in Public Administration
    • A survey of leadership theories, styles, and strategies in the contemporary public and nonprofit workplace.
  • PA 6675 Ethics in Public Administration
    • A study of the philosophical and practical issues related to ethical decision making in the public sector. Emphasis is on the analysis of ethical problems and the development of analytical skills and values framework to act ethically in public service roles.

Courses Taught at the University of Prince Edward Island

  • ED 421G Teaching for the Humanities
    • This course introduces students to the pedagogies, practices, and instructional alternatives that foster acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes critical to success in the social studies and humanities.

Courses Taught at Virginia International University

  • PUAD 515 Administration in Public & Non-Profit Organizations
    • This is a survey course that will introduce students to the history, ideas, and practices of public administration. This includes studies of organization, policy, law, management, public services and reform issues.  Public administration study includes all three branches of government in addition to its main focus on the operation of the bureaucracy including the functions and responsibilities between all branches of government.  Its study includes all levels and types of governmental bodies and increasingly non-governmental organizations
  • PUAD 513 Organizational Theory and HR Management
    • This course focuses on how people behave in organizations and groups. Topics include leadership, motivation, organizational culture, and roles within groups
  • PUAD 514 Public Policy Analysis & Evaluation
    • This class introduces students to the basic theories, principles and processes of public policymaking. Students will examine the varying environments that influence the development of public policy, as well as the methods of public policymaking. Students will gain an understanding of the issues and actors involved in the formation of policy at the federal level.