Research Agenda

Dr. Guo-Brennan has a research focus that reflects his professional and educational background as well as a commitment to teaching and advancing knowledge. The organizing focus is community engagement and diversity. These interests have developed over time through his experiences in the public and private sectors, in and out of the classroom. They also reflect a strong commitment to research that has practical application. My research agenda is focused on five broad and interdisciplinary areas:

  • Immigration policy and practice
    • A central focus of this research is to understand the complexities of the newcomers’ experience and to identify policies that may lead to a system of support that considers the reciprocal influences of immigrants, refugees, and domestic peoples as they interact and connect in the schools and communities at large. Major issues investigated in this study included social justice, employment inequality, and cultural diversity.
  • Education policy and civic engagement in urban education
    • Research in this area is centered on education policy reform and the interaction of stakeholders both inside and outside the education regime to structure a reform agenda. Specifically, human relationships are considered within the urban power context as they relate to diversity, civic capacity, racial and social justice and non-education stakeholder involvement in education policy.
  • Global competency and cultural awareness in higher education
    • Through an examination of program requirements, faculty research and educational backgrounds, program demographics, and other factors, this research identifies indicators that contribute to university programs that offer students a more diverse and stronger global perspective. It is comparative in nature and examines programs in multiple countries.  This research has received funding from Troy University and I am presently seeking additional funding for data collection.
  • Community development and global competency
    • Cultural competency, global awareness, and the ability to successfully interact with those who are different are critical issues in economic and community development, community engagement, and local governance. Leaders in communities of all sizes need to be globally competent to attract global development as well as meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population.  Michael’s work in this area centers around policies and practices to improve governmental and non-profit leaderships’ global competency as well as the development of globally aware policies and practices.
  • Crisis management
    • Guo-Brennan’s work in this area began in 2008 when he co-authored an article examining the government response following Hurricane Katrina. In 2016, he published an entry in the Global Encyclopedia of Pubic Administration, Public Policy, and Governance discussing the global agenda for crisis management.  These articles, as well as unpublished research into the impact of terrorism and other crisis on tourism consider the economic, social, and culture impact of man-caused, and natural disasters and the public policy efforts to recover, respond, and mitigate such disasters.

Research Grants & Activities

  • Guo-Brennan, M. (2016-2018). Developing students’ global competency in higher education: Policy, programs, and promising practices in United States, Canada, Great Britain, & China. Troy University Major Research Grant.
  • Guo-Brennan, M. (2015-2016). Comparative analysis of immigration and refugee policy between Canada and USA. SSHRC/ Mitacs Post-doctoral fellowship.
  • Guo-Brennan, M. (2015-2016). Examination of education reform policy and program development from an international and comparative perspective. Mitacs Post-doctoral fellowship.
  • Guo-Brennan, M. (2010-2012). The impact of U.S. federal education policy on urban education reform. University of Louisville Graduate Research Grant.
  • Guo-Brennan, M. (2008-2010). Profiling master’s degree programs among highly rated universities: An analysis on program design and curriculum. University of Louisville Graduate Research Grant.
  • Guo-Brennan, M. & Koven, S. (2007). Analysis of governmental emergency response to Hurricane Katrina: An examination and analysis on the failures.
  • Guo-Brennan, M. & Koven, S. (2007). Analysis of governmental emergency response to Hurricane Katrina: An examination and analysis on the failures.
  • Guo-Brennan, M. (2005). Examining the impact of terrorism and other disasters on tourism and the use of space.
  • Guo-Brennan, M. (2004). Economic development in suburban America: A case study.
  • Guo-Brennan, M. (2004). Investigating the impact of arts based economic development policy on urban development